Database management solution empowering data sharing and data validation

European Leader in Satellite Systems
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Business Need

Our client, a European leader in satellite systems, needed to implement a web platform in order to:

  • Centralize and organize large sets of data necessary for payload validation;
  • Offer fast and secure access to data needed by engineering departments;
  • Ensure the sharing of data between engineering departments and telecom business lines during production and test phases.


In order to meet all clients’ requirements, we developed a state-of-the-art database management solution, capable of organizing large sets of data defined by the engineering departments, offering advanced data extraction capabilities, storage and archiving functionalities. Our solution is now employed from production to test phase. We paid particular attention to the database design and architecture in order to meet the operational requirements. Our technical choice was a NoSQL multi-model database with oriented documents

Key Benefits

We successfully provided a centralization of all data needed to validate the payload, while ensuring a scalable, compliant, well-structured database;

We seamlessly integrated roles and permission management modules to help increase productivity and meet security requirements;

We helped enhance teams’ efficiency through new process flows and automated document generation;

We helped improve data consistency and security by using a modern tool for storage, archiving, and big data technology;

We created an insightful, real-time, easy-to-access database for a strong organization of business data;

We significantly improved data sharing and data integration inside the organization.


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