Advanced software application to sustain the future of digital railways

World Leader in Integrated Transportation Systems
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Fixed Price Project

Business Need

Our client, a world leader in integrated transportation systems, needed a rail and transit solution to reduce its operational costs, optimize train routes, and standardize data necessary to control and direct the operation of trains on the rail network.


In order to meet all these clients’ requirements, we developed a scalable web-based application, capable of supporting and answering to immediate needs for railway infrastructure management, starting from its components’ technical status and information (track, stations, bridges, tunnels etc.) and ending with incidents and dangerous points management.

Key Benefits

We seamlessly ensured the development and maintenance of the software application used in rail transportation;

We helped standardize data and ensure conformity with regulatory compliance for rail system data;

We helped optimize activities such as the inventory of trains and automate switching operations while reducing energy use and operational expenses;

We successfully helped eliminate manual processing of large data sets, improving information flow and quick access to accurate, relevant rail system data;

We provided real-time train routes information in order to better manage incidents, dangerous points, speed restrictions, and waste management;

We provided an accurate, easy-to-access and secure place for all data related to the rail system;

We boosted informed decisions by providing statistics and analysis for effective train routing.


SQL Server 2008 Windows Form (C#/VB) .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) .NET


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