Powerful e-commerce platform boosting direct sales success

Global cosmetics and beauty leader
Cooperation Model
Fixed Price Project

Business Need

Our client, a global cosmetics and beauty leader, aimed to:

  • Set up an integrated online environment for direct sales;
  • Create a national wide sales network.


In order to meet client’s requirements, we developed a tailored, flexible e-commerce platform able to integrate with heterogeneous systems of the group: ERP, order tracking, transportation and logistics, BI and reporting.

Key Benefits

We successfully delivered a powerful and intuitive e-commerce solution that helps increase sales, while offering better management of direct sales team with bonus system based on sales and commissioning

We seamlessly offered a cost-effective tool that helps direct sales teams address new markets and reach more customers, offering increased availability (24/7) and self-service support sections;

We helped reduce errors, while enabling staff to focus on consulting and supporting leads and clients;

We helped improve time to market (TTM) through easy updates, powerful analytics, real-time reports, purchase orders, admin reports, and back-end invoicing;

We successfully ensured a unitary system that enables campaigns, monthly catalogues, and promotions without technical knowledge, while freeing up IT resources;

We helped increase collaboration and improve business performance through direct sales network management, implementing an internal forum, and a help center;

We successfully ensured the integration with other business software solutions (ERP, Procurement, CRM etc.), providing a holistic view of all business processes for more informed business decisions.


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