Software Engineering

By having a deep understanding of the market challenges, we successfully design and implement the optimum technological solutions translated into added value and continuity for your software engineering projects.
Based on our extensive experience of more than 10 years in embedded software services, we are able to provide outstanding solutions in terms of quality and costs for world’s leaders in automotive and aerospace.

Our Embedded Software Competence Center

The establishment of our dedicated Embedded Software Competence Center located in Bucharest, Romania, has come as a natural evolution with the increasing level of experience and expertise acquired in embedded software development services as well as the degree of complexity and scale of our  projects. Hence, we rely on top-notch technologies and on a mature delivery unit which is constantly evolving.
In our Embedded Software Competence Center, more than 200 highly skilled embedded software engineers can help you with the implementation of projects ranging from body control modulessmall and high performance integrated ECUs, protection and safety mechanismsactive steeringhead-up displaysinstrumentationdisplay modules to engine sensors and actuators. To accelerate our work, we are regularly expanding our development team and growing our competence center, pushing the limits of what our technology can do through relevant training and workshops.
We ensure process maturity, high protection of your intellectual property, and state-of-the-art industry standards that are essential for delivering a successful project in these complex major manufacturing industries. Each of our cooperation models is tailored to your unique need. We can either run it autonomously by delivering finished versions of products or work on a remote basis jointly with your engineers to add competency to your team. Moreover, our strong expertise in methodologies (i.e. Agile-SCRUM), V-Model (based on A-SPICE) and our global delivery capabilities ensure that you can fully rely on us to deliver the agreed services on time and within budget, enabling you to reduce time-to-market and focus on core competencies.
As a leading technology company, we embed quality in our services. Therefore, all our solutions are compliant with the most relevant standards and regulations (ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, and CMMI) in the automotive industry.

Our Services

Architecture and design

We excel in advanced car user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) development. We’ve developed efficient, intelligent, reliable, non-distractive, rich and user-friendly HMIs for the world’s leading automakers.

Architecture and design
UX and HMI design
GUI interface

Software development

We provide full-cycle software development for in-vehicle infotainment technologies, including multimedia, head unit, and virtual instrument cluster. Furthermore, our services range from smaller ECUs, like body or door modules, to high-performance integrated ECUs.

Integrated Development Environment
Model based development
Firmware development

Module testing, validation, integration & QA

We can help you achieve compliance with relevant standards and regulations (IEC61508, ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, and CMMI) in the automotive industry, ensuring the complete transparency and traceability of the development processes. Also, we offer function and software integration, testing, architecture analysis, integration requirements and software partitioning related to both human-driven cars (electric or fossil fuel) and autonomous cars.

Module/unit testing
Integration, testing
Simulations for ECU & other network devices


We know that time is paramount, therefore we ensure accurate and fast technical support and maintenance for the embedded software applications that we develop.

Technical Support

Our Competencies

Quality standards

and Certifications

ISO 26262 – ASIL C | AUTOSAR, FlexRay (networking standard) | CAN | LIN | CMMI v1.3 | A-SPICE v3.0 | MISRA etc.


and Technologies

  • Software Development:
    • Integrated Development Environment (IDEAS | TD4 | Eclipse)
    • AUTOSAR Basic Software (Geny | Tressos | Cessar CT | Karma | DaVinci), Communication | System and Memory Stack | Complex Device Drivers (Wireless Power Charger Stack | Power Management Module | MirrorMode | BapRouting | Low-Level Routing | WakeupSleep | UcCtrlRegAccess | IQ Hardware Abstraction| Network Management Handler)
    • AUTOSAR Low-level driver development & configuration (Renesas and Freescale MCALs | I2C driver)
    • AUTOSAR RTE configuration and generation, Application Development
    • NON-AUTOSAR drivers and application modules development
    • Model based development (Matlab | Simulink);
    • Firmware development for smart meters;
  • Quality: PC-LINT | CodeCheck | Cyclo tool | Coding Rules | Clockworks | Code Collaborator;
  • Version & change control: Git| Integrity | SVN | RTRT | ClearCase | Jira
  • Architecture & Design: IBM Rational Rhapsody Gateway | DOORS
  • Testing:
    • Module/unit testing: RTRT | SWATT | Razorcat Tessy
    • Validation: Manual & automation testing
    • Integration, testing (Jenkins | Gerrit | OS | AUTOSAR BSW | MCALs | own developed CDDs – Wireless Power Charger Stack | Power Management Module | Basic Input Basic Output modules | customer CDDs | customer application modules)
    • Debugging (IC5000 | Renesas | WinIdeea | T32 | CANoe)
    • Simulations for ECU & other network devices (Vector CANoe)
  • Equipment: Lauterbach, Renesas E1, iSYSTEM IC5000, Salea
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