IT Outsourcing

Your Benefits

We are committed to offering digital software and software engineering services and solutions adapted to your needs, through advantageous on-site/off-site outsourcing models.

It is all about finding the right people and competencies at the right moment. Thus, by partnering with us, you gain immediate access to highly skilled and experienced software engineers, work with a leading multinational company, have control over project management, and benefit from a hassle-free HR management and fairly & transparent pricing model.

Your Options

Accordingly, we help you choose the most appropriate collaboration model, from a variety of approaches we are experienced with:

  • New Dedicated Team  We provide you with highly-skilled professional teams specifically built for your needs; we also ensure people management, low-level task management, and process quality within the team so you can focus on the most  important project/business decisions; moreover, you have the possibility to resize the team at any time through using the adequate ramp up and ramp down methodologies;
  • Team Extension– We help you find the missing piece of the puzzle to ensure your project continuity and accomplishment by adding the missing skill sets you require to your existing internal team while keeping the strategic competencies completely   in-house;
  • Individual Experts – We provide you with individual experts who bring a variety of competences to your company through the use of their knowledge and experience.

    What we offer

  • Access to a large pool of available, highly skilled resources
  • Extensive pool of competencies
  • Strong recruitment capacity
  • HR and administrative support
  • Training and knowledge management
  • High flexibility in adapting to your requirements
  • Proven methodologies
  • Access to a high technology and secure infrastructure

    What you get

  • Quality services
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Control over project and resources
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Excellent results
  • Highly skilled professionals

Our resources and competencies

Thanks to our team of more than 300 highly skilled software engineers, with expertise in over 140 technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and methodologies and a large pool of candidates, we have the resources in place to initiate a new project within the quickest time possible, ensuring its on-time delivery.


Furthermore, we constantly rely on our high recruiting capabilities to ensure that we always have great competencies inside our team to meet your specific needs: high availability of profiles, on the bench professionals, specialized talent advisers and sourcing managers, dedicated people managers, and a well-defined employee attraction & retention strategy.


Moreover, in the case of large-scale projects, we can build and manage globally distributed teams benefiting from immediate resources’ availability and access to an international team of more than 8000 IT&C professionals and over 180 competencies, training, and webinars, through SII Group.


Depending on your needs and required results, quality or time-frame, we can work with you in various consistent and adaptable models of cooperation. We identify and analyze your specific needs and we proactively create and dimension the team through the appropriate ramp-up and ramp-down methodologies, according to your requirements.

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