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Covid-19: A message from SII Romania CEO, Manel Ballesteros

March 23, 2020

Dear colleagues,

First of all, I wish that you, your family, friends and work colleagues are all well in this exceptional circumstances that we are experiencing in our country and around the world.

I also want to express, on behalf of all SII Romania team, our solidarity with those families that this pandemic has directly hit. All our strength and courage to overcome the pain of those who are being affected.

SII Romania has taken all the measures and precautions to help stop the spreading of the novel coronavirus, strictly complying with all legal provisions, as well as recommendations of the health authorities.

Thus, we have created a COVID-19 Decision Committee which continuously analyzes the impact of the pandemic on our business evolution as well as our day to day professional activities. This measure allows us to take the optimum decisions in order to ensure the continuity of our delivery, always putting in first place the health and security of our business partners and employees.

Furthermore, we have implemented the necessary IT infrastructure and tools, as well as defined all the necessary processes and procedures, in order to ensure the highest quality of delivery, while fully complying with data security standards.

Moreover, we trained our teams in order to be able to implement a sustainable and performant work from home collaboration model, which in this very short time has already proven its efficiency. Currently 99% of our people are working from home, while at our offices we ensure only the minimal required services under strict measures of health and security.

In addition, all our employees have access to a dedicated Helpdesk service permanently offering them full support to promptly solve any Administrative, HR or IT aspect related to their professional activity, while effectively preventing any unproductive workload or delivery time delays.

Also, we have settled a Communication team who keeps our employees constantly informed about all business, social, health and security aspects generated by the COVID-19 pandemic that could impact them both at personal, and professional level.  We are continuing to monitor the situation closely and gather data from primary sources including the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local public health offices, and retained consultants.

Although we are all experiencing an exceptional situation that makes us face numerous challenges both as professionals and as human beings, I wish to underline the fact that there are no risks jeopardizing our company’s activity. We have both the capacity and strength to continue our activity and deliver our services properly.

Above all, we consider that our knowledge and experience in IT services and solutions could help people and companies in need in this difficult moment. That is why we support different associations and small local companies. If we can be of any help, we would like to do so.

By way of conclusion, I want to thank you for your understanding and support. Let us take good care of ourselves and our dear ones, and hope that soon enough we will meet again in good sanity and a new normal.

We are all in this together,


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