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Covid-19: A message from SII Romania CEO, Manel Ballesteros

February 23, 2021

Dear all,

We find ourselves almost a year apart from the very moment the pandemic started to change our way of life. I therefor hope that you, your families, friends and colleagues are all in good health, as we all continue our efforts to adapt to the new normal.

At SII Romania we are most proud and highly grateful to all our colleagues who made it possible for us to attain our performance goals, continuing the sustainable growth we have been achieving for the past 10 years. Thus, in 2020 we managed to reach an annual growth beyond our initial expectations given the exceptional business context we all found ourselves in. Furthermore, we implemented a sustainable and performant work from home collaboration model which proved to be very efficient, allowing us to continue ensuring the highest quality of delivery.

Beyond any doubt 2020 helped us appreciate at a much deeper level the potential of our teams. It also taught us to nurture even more effectively each opportunity and further prepare ourselves for challenges yet to come.

Thus, we would like to thank all our colleagues for their deep sense of responsibility, profound dedication, and constant efforts to keep us all in good health and ensure our business continuity.

As new medical findings become available, we continue implementing all the measures to help stop the spreading of the novel coronavirus, confident that we are on the right path to overcoming the challenges of the pandemic.

We deeply believe that all our efforts will be rewarded and that we will all be able to look once again towards the future with confidence, openness and hope.

Together we have the power to build a brighter tomorrow,


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