SII Romania is always SMART: get insights from the largest European congress in mobile technology

February 26, 2016

Since we are always connected to events in the digital field, the most important event of the year dedicated to digital innovation and mobility, Mobile World Congress 2016, was something we had to be a part of. Known in Romania as GSM World Congress, the event gathers the most important developers and mobile network operators in the world, and also producers and e-service companies. The event is a diversified universe that takes a close-up of valuable insights and new perspectives which support us in our way of delivering high-quality innovative solutions.

The presented concepts and ideas are an important input in our effort to effectively integrate resources, technology, and electronic services in order to constantly come up with innovative solutions for our clients. In this sense, just like up until now, we will trust in our own strengths to implement such solutions, but with the opportunity of improving them based on new perspectives.

The event’s theme was the importance of the global Internet coverage. Statistics say that less than a third of the world’s population uses the Internet, so this year’s edition of the event gathered world leaders in the mobile industry and other technologies that came up with new solutions to this problem.

Among many launches of smartphones, 5G technology, integrated circuits, wearables, and a projector that can be both a tablet or a smartwatch, another important topic on the event’s agenda was Virtual Reality, that in the past years has become a favorite, overtaking many other innovative technologies.

In conclusion, the GSM World Congress was a source of inspiration for our actions, especially taking into accounts the insights we got regarding the future of the mobile technology.

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