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Taking further steps to the future: SII Romania moves to a 1500 sqm new headquarters in AFI Park 4!

April 18, 2016

Because we find ourselves in a process of constant development, a natural step in our journey is the territorial expansion: at the end of April 2016 we are moving to our new headquarters in AFI Park 4, part of AFI Business Park Cotroceni!

Our moving to the new headquarters is strategic and it’s based on our continuous business growth, which reached 7 million euro revenues in 2015, representing a 53% growth. Moreover, the decision to invest in a new office space was based on our positive expectations of business growth for 2016, maintaining the same growth rate we registered in 2015.

The new company offices gather 1.500 sqm and integrate investments that will help accelerate our development: a state-of-the-art ICT laboratory for innovation projects (IoT, Machine Learning, AI), but also a modern and fully equipped training room for all SII Romania Academy recurrent courses. Furthermore, the SII Romania mini-city integrates a special ready-to-use space for projects with current and new clients, including all the required equipment, high quality infrastructure and security standards.

The new space was designed together with an architecture office and the main direction was projecting a flexible office, that can be easily adapted to our constant need of change and development. Thus, the new headquarters represent a mix between classic work spaces and out-of-the-box areas. The transparency of the glass walls, the design and colours of the floors, the furniture and accessories, all of them contribute to the space’s personalization and comfort.

So we designed a dynamic, open, relaxed and coloured office that combines open spaces with office spaces. The office has a special area for meetings, two conference rooms fully equipped with videoconference devices, four meeting rooms equipped with digital equipment, but also relaxation spaces, brainstorming areas that enhance creativity and spontaneous interactions, plus two balconies where people can admire the largest administrative building in Europe (The Palace of Parliament). Besides these, the space has a dedicated cafeteria for all our employees to enjoy their meals.

‘’The investment in the new office space is strategic and helps us to better meet and support our clients’ needs. Furthermore, in 2016 we will continue to accomplish our ambitious and successful plans started in 2015. We will go on with our territorial expansion and the implementation of many innovation projects, for which an investment in a new, modern infrastructure and additional space is required.’’ – Manel Ballesteros, General Manager SII Romania

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