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Envisioning the future of Aerospace with INCAS

December 17, 2019

SII Romania has become the official sponsor of INCAS (National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli”) for 2020, the leading research establishment in aerospace sciences in Romania, with more than 60 years tradition in aerospace engineering, flow physics and applied aerodynamics, in our shared vision upon the essential role the embedded systems have in the aerospace industry and in the digital transformation age.

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Therefore, we support the scientific Romanian community and we work together with the INCAS team of scientists towards better research that decides the future of engineering. Thanks to our committed and talented team of volunteers involved in this fruitful sponsorship (Catalin, Cosmin, Radu, Vladimir, Loredan, Alexandru, Bogdan, Sorina, Ciprian) we are contributing to developing a reusable rocket prototype, the end customer being ESA – European Space Agency.

The goal of the prototype is to demonstrate the accuracy of the flight algorithm, the capability of respecting a predefined flight plan using the external sensors (GPS, altimeter, gyro) and the capability of self take-off and landing, based on the predefined flight plan.

As a result, our sponsorship with INCAS is based on designing the operating system distribution for the rocket’s main computer, and also the drivers that are used by the Flight Control algorithm for accessing the peripherals and controlling the flight. Thus, our team is developing Real-Time embedded C code using a Linux environment.

We dreamed of having the opportunity to transform the world. Now it’s time to make it happen, together with a strong ally. By combining the curiosity to explore, the intelligence to question, and the vision to create, we are now one step closer to shape the future of mobility and transportation systems. 🚀

Dare to challenge the status-quo and fuel modern aerospace and aeronautics! If you are passionate about the emergent technologies and want to contribute to the development of aerospace industry, visit our Careers page and let’s get to know each other better!

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