We envision the boundless potential of IOT at MWC Barcelona

March 7, 2019

Latest innovation and cutting-edge technologies are part of our DNA, so we could not miss the largest mobile event in the world. Together with other leading companies from all around the world, we converge to discuss about the future of mobility and connectivity. All the valuable insights have a positive impact in our daily activities, offering us the possibility to view mobility technology from a different angle and deliver innovative solutions.

The event`s main topic marked a clear view of the transition to 5G technology, leading to greater services by increasing speed, lower latency and enabling new areas of usage by unblocking the limits of older network standards.

2019 opened the door not only for smartphones that grant access to enhanced connectivity, but also to an expanded area of applicability for IoT. This will play an important role in process and resources optimization, by having the benefit of real-time quality monitoring and build a strong link between operations and customer satisfaction.

The useful information obtained from MCW 2019 will guide our constant work to design and create outstanding cloud and IoT solutions for a connected world.

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