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June 8, 2018

One of our objectives at SII Romania is reaching excellence in IT, so we do everything we can to gather together talented people from the industry, but also get them the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and take part in the most important events of the industry. Such an event is IT Camp, a two-day conference where 600 programmers, testers, system administrators, next to managers and IT leaders debate the „hot topics” of the moment.

In a world that expects fast solutions for the newest technologies, online and offline security, efficient storage and artificial intelligence, IT Camp meant a series of subjects that can open new perspectives in the industry, helping us better understand how to work with the available tools in order to deliver the best solutions. This was an opportunity SII Romania could not miss.

The conference has a technical and non-technical component, both of them developing topics connected with the IT industry. Among the approached subjects there was information security, establishing an order in the last year’s digital cluttering, AI, mixed reality and Microsoft Cognitive Services features. We also took part in a useful discussion on ASP.NET and the presentation, another essential IT learning tool and one of the largest IT specialists’ community.

Once again, we wanted to stay faithful to our mission and stay permanently connected to the industry events, get involved in the developers’ community in Romania and offer our employees the possibility to stay up to date with the industry trends. Furthermore, we want to contribute to the development of the IT community in Romania by delivering ideas that can transform the community and encourage innovative projects.

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