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2019: Writing a historical chapter in #FUNgineers history

December 17, 2019

We`re just few moments away from writing another historical chapter at SII Romania, where the chemistry between passion for technology and high commitment led to a magical 2019. It was an incredible journey where each team member has proven that a professional approach can deliver great results, but with high aspirations and a strong dream which fuels every action we enable a whole new universe of possibilities to thrive in the digital era.

It was a year were the strong expertise of more than 350 #FUNgineers and the unique experience offered to our customers and partners was converted into 20% business growth, and also into new ambitious goals, a natural effect to match the extraordinary potential of our teams. The level of satisfaction of our customers has also increased this year thanks to our teams’ dedication, passion and determination!

Our journey started 10 years ago in an apartment, with a small team of highly skilled professionals and the courage to push back every boundary in our way to success. Now we proudly envision new paths to deliver excellence through our services by:

  • Boosting our Digital Software business line through the creation of our Business Solutions Department
  • Continuous growth of our Engineering Competence Center through high complexity projects in top industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Aviation, Naval and others.

Our high performance is visible also internationally and that is why we have been recognized as a preferred destination for nearshore software development services within SII Group. Thus, all the great achievements have proven that a dream is never too big as long as you constantly envision your true potential and the huge impact that you can bring if you set free the power of knowledge, ambition and determination.

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