We are present, for the 5th year in a row, at DevTalks

June 10, 2018

At SII Romania, people are always the ones that keep things in motion in everything we do, so we take advantage of every occasion that allows us to invest in their constant development, by encouraging them to take part in well known IT events. This is why, on the 8th of June, we participated for the fifth time in a row in DevTalks, the largest expo-conference for the developers and tech passionates community in Romania. DevTalks is created as a one-day event that contributes to the development of the Romanian IT community, by encouraging innovative projects and ideas with potential.

This year, the conference gathered over 1.500 developers and IT specialists and over 90 local and international speakers with whom we shared insights and valuable information. It was really challenging to choose the presentations to take part in from the seven stages avaliable and all the demo areas.

The talks were focused on Java, IoT, AI, Robotics, Web&Mobile, Project Management and other interesting topics. The Java Conference represented an oportunity for us to find out new revolutionary perspectives to be integrated in our processes and take part in discussions that helped us effectively structure our future plans for this particular technology. Moreover, our colleague Andrei Toader, Senior Application Architect, had the occasion to debate the newest trends and challenges from Java and DevOps technologies together with his homologues from USA, UK, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands.

Why do we take part in DevTalks every year? Because we constantly invest in our people growth, and help them get where they want in their careers while discovering new perspectives: a certain solution for evolution. This is why, besides the important IT events we encourage them to participate in, we periodically organize training programs and workshops that help them strengthen their knowledge in this area. Furthermore, we are permanently connected to the events and industry trends, we constantly get involved in the developers community, we help develop the IT community through ideas that contribute to its evolution and encourage innovative projects.

Here you can find our more about our training, internship and Java development programs.

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