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SII Romania obtains the most important Environmental Management System Certification

November 15, 2016

SII Romania is among the first companies in our country that decided to monitor, reduce and transparently report the amount of used gas, water, and electricity and introduce an effective system for selective waste collection. The quantifiable effects of these measures have had positive results on the environment, reflected in our obtaining of a very important certification, ISO 14001:2005. Also, we conduct our business in respect to the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA Code of Conduct).

Our activity is based on a series of well-defined processes that proved to be effective over time, but we also base our actions on clear methodologies that focus on professionalism and quality.

We are aware of our strengths, so we constantly try to find new ways to confirm both our professionalism and our ability to control the impact of our activity, products, and services on the environment. This is why we are committed and act in accordance with ISO 14001:2005 and the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA Code of Conduct).

For us, identifying and reducing our actions’ impact on the environment represent the most important aspects to consider. And obtaining the two certifications motivated us to accomplish these objectives by strictly following the implied requirements. Thus, we implemented a system that helped us control and improve our environmental performance.

Our company’s Environmental Management System is in compliance with the European requirements in force. Taking this aspect into account and being motivated by the recognition we got, we set out a few objectives in order to guide our environmental protection actions:

  • reduce costs on electricity, gas and water waste;
  • saving in consumption of energy and materials;
  • selective collection of waste;
  • improving environmental performance;
  • maintaining a good relationship with the local community and the environmental authorities.

Because reducing electricity, gas and water waste is one of our main objectives, we have already implemented some specific projects and have established for 2015-2016 a series of saving goals to improve the different consumptions.

For example, in 2015 we wanted to have 4% less electricity waste and in 2016 the stakes raised to 8%. In 2016, the objective was to decrease the water waste by 4% and the gas waste by 3%.


What are we planning for the future? Take confident steps towards our desired results and make every process in our activities more efficient. The final purpose? Becoming even better friends with the environment every day.

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