SII Romania Academy

We encourage and support our employees in every initiative and step of their career, valuing talent, energy, and commitment over immediate resources’ availability and empty figures. We offer continuous learning opportunities such as comprehensive workshops, training, and internships programs to cultivate and develop our current and future employees’ skills.



Employee Training & Development Programs

As people are at the core of our growth and their professional development drives our performance, we are collaborating with leading experts in Software Development and partnering with top technical universities (e.g. Polytechnic University of Bucharest) in order to offer them the most adequate training and development programs.

Moreover, we guide and support our talented employees to gain expertise in their field of activity and ensure continuous improvement of qualifications in the IT area by covering the certification costs in technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, ITIL etc.



Internship Programs

We support our interns to jump-start their career and cultivate their passion for technology while offering them permanent professional guidance!

In our constant efforts to support education the new IT&C generation, we form tomorrow’s professionals and leaders in Java, .NET, C++, and Embedded Software, as well as in Testing or in Business Support. Likewise, our paid internship program, typically running within a 1 year period, is conducted by specialized professionals, who provide advanced knowledge and working experience, as well as career guidance for a rewarding career path in technology.

Moreover, all our graduates acquire a strong base of valuable knowledge as well as the necessary practical experience in order to start working in the IT&C and technology field. At the end of the internship program, according to their evolution and expectations, they have the possibility to join our international team of more than 8000 engineers and get involved in high-magnitude worldwide projects.



Internal Workshops

The knowledge, talent, and skills of our people are the only irreplaceable capital of our organization. This is why we turned knowledge-sharing into a company-wide tradition, organizing recurrent knowledge sharing hours to boost inspiration, improve collaboration, and facilitate skill development.

Furthermore, our strong focus on knowledge management translates into a multitude of tailor-made technical, sales, and marketing workshops delivered by our talented technical leaders and managers while sharing and cultivating our passion for IT.

As we are technology enthusiasts, we also organize and take part in workshops focusing on new and interesting technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.

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