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A warm marketing & communication welcome/willkommen to a great partnership

February 5, 2020

After defining a clear market positioning and portfolio of services, as well as our corporate and employer brand identity, we are now ready to share our experience and expertise in marketing and communication with other strong SII Group subsidiaries.

SII UK and SII Deutschland are our first partners on the path to developing a consistent and coherent marketing and communication strategy, as well as implementing the best marketing and communication actions.

The collaboration will cover all areas of MarCom, from strategy to copywriting, graphic and video design, social media management etc. Our shared expertise will increase our partners’ visibility on the market and consolidate our position of leading multinational technology company.

This is just the beginning of our great journey, as we will keep you updated with our achievements.

During this time, our fast-paced team is eager to see your high skills converted into successful projects. Check here all the great opportunities and let`s design together the future of technology!

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