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Microsoft Teams updates set to make our lives easier

June 3, 2020

Recently our technology partner, Microsoft, decided to add a couple of new features to its communication and collaboration platform – Teams – supporting our work from home professional activities. For instance, creating apps and chatbots for Teams now represents a much easier and smoother process.

Thus, taking into consideration the importance of video conferences in helping us stay connected during this period, we have the opportunity to manage, review, approve and publish custom apps directly from the Teams Admin Center. Furthermore, Microsoft unveiled Power Platform integrations with Teams that allow developers to build custom low-code apps, workflows, chatbots and dashboards for their teams and customers. Moreover, soon enough PowerApps makers will be able to add their apps to Teams with a single click.

Teams represents a popular tool used by companies all around the world to promote teleworking, also being part of a strong global community of users, now surpassing over 75 million daily active users.

We aim to continue our great accomplishments in partnership with Microsoft by implementing innovative software solutions that will help businesses make the next step in the digital era, offering employees the opportunity to share their great ideas in real time by using efficient and secure collaboration tools.

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