Complete HR information system boosting HR department’s productivity and efficiency

Leading global IT and Engineering company
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Business Need

Our client, a leading global IT and Engineering company, wanted to centralize and organize all the data of its candidates and collaborators while improving crucial aspects regarding talent search, meetings management, and real-time synchronization with employment websites.


In order to meet all these clients’ requirements, we developed an easy-to-use and reliable HR solution which ensures candidates tracking, back-end administrative HR tasks management, and other essential elements to boost productivity of HR Department.

Key Benefits

We helped automate workflows, set reminders, and manage interview meetings to boost HR department efficiency and productivity;

We offered a scalable solution that is able to integrate with other similar internal software applications through plugins/APIs;

We helped improve security control to achieve compliance;

We seamlessly provided a centralized and secure employee database, enabling easy screening for competences or candidates, as well as selecting the best profiles for different projects;

We ensured fast retrieval of all candidates that might match a certain profile, through advanced search capabilities, keywords, and advanced Curriculum Vitae (CV) classification, while shortening the hiring process;

We successfully developed a platform that provides the ability to import CV’s from important global sources for jobs and career opportunities;

We significantly simplified employee performance reviews.


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