Building digital banking efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint

Leading European banking services provider
Germany, Romania
Banking & Finance
Cooperation Model
Fixed Price Project

Business Need

Our client, a leading European banking services provider, wanted to:

  • Update and optimize its legacy CRM solution;
  • Increase customer satisfaction, standardize work processes, and decrease operational costs across multiple branches;
  • Improve team collaboration and efficiency, while finding the optimal product that responds to the needs of its functional departments.


In order to meet all these clients’ requirements, we delivered a tailored solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint, being able of integration with the existing banking software applications.

Key Benefits

We helped eliminate redundant work and reduce operational costs across branches;

We successfully delivered a solution to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, while offering a 360-degree customer view and contextual analytics;

We ensured a complete integration and management of sales leads from all channels to automate sales and marketing processes and improve customer service;

We seamlessly ensured the availability of the web platform (24/7) used by over 100 concurrent users and a steady workflow without downtime to improve operational efficiency;

We delivered an effective document management and workflow automation solution, enabling internal teams collaboration;

We helped ensuring compliance and regulatory standards, while protecting privacy and confidentiality;

We helped our client deliver more accurate, timely services, and more meaningful interactions, while offering a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.


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