Complete project management software enabling workflows automation, better planning and resource allocation

Leading global IT and Engineering company
France, Romania
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Business Need

Our client, a leading global IT, and Engineering company, aimed to reunite in a single tool all its project management features while maintaining team collaboration and tasks’ time management.


In order to meet all clients’ requirements, we provided a simple, easy-to-use platform that covers all project management features. Our tool’s unique advantage lies in providing full control and overview of all project areas, significantly improving project execution and optimization of future projects’ implementation.

Key Benefits

We successfully delivered a cost-effective solution for tracking projects’ progress, keeping everyone informed, and avoiding extra costs, while sharing project statuses in real-time;

We provided a highly customizable application to accommodate various worldwide deployments and to better manage clients, projects, invoices, documents, and scheduling;

We successfully integrated stand-alone ticketing, invoicing, and powerful analytics modules to enable incident management, cost control, and easy measurement of performance indicators;

We improved collaboration on large projects, while enabling share of documents, timelines, and status updates;

We helped avoid missing or incorrect deliverables, offering a one-stop-shop for all information to store work and project files in a secure, shared location;

We helped identify risks, prioritize, and quickly solve problems by using intuitive dashboards;

We seamlessly provided a robust data access layer, while ensuring interface integrity and easy integration with existing third-party solutions.


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