Complete knowledge management system improving organizational agility

Leading European telecommunications provider
Cooperation Model
Fixed Price Project

Business Need

Our client, a leading European telecommunications provider, was searching for an optimal solution enabling him to achieve a secured sharing of centralized information, optimize workflows and generate advanced statistic reports while allowing better and faster business decision making.


In order to meet all these clients’ requirements, we developed an easy-to-use and secure platform that acts at the same time as a reliable and secured environment for tracking, storing and managing documents and web content, as well as a collaboration tool and communication engine for more than 5000 users within one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.

Key Benefits

We successfully provided a platform that enables better and faster business decision making through timely access to relevant information and borderless collaboration;

We seamlessly provided an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for protecting intellectual capital;

We helped national sales teams work smarter by reducing cases of “reinventing the wheel”, loss of know-how and avoid redundant effort or making the same mistakes twice;

We enabled users’ authentication by delivering a platform which provides a standard, single-sign-on authentication using integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory;

We ensured a complete knowledge management system: document and content management, notification system, advanced filtering, powerful search engine, help center, roles and permission management, real-time statistics etc.;

We offered a secured solution (strong security engine based on user roles and permissions) that supports employees’ growth and development, ensures sharing of specialists’ expertise, optimizes document workflows and improves business processes.


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