We convert visionary ideas into great achievements at Techsylvania 2019

June 12, 2019

Between 8th and 11th of June 2019, Cluj-Napoca hosted a leading technological event in Eastern Europe, bringing together remarkable tech passionates with the goal to imagine and build strong pillars linked to the future of technology. Also, besides the valuable information obtained during the conference, participants had the opportunity to attend the hackathon, workshops, satellite events and Q&A sessions.

As a leading technology company, we simply had to bring our strong expertise in a network of over 3.000 engineers, founders, investors, IT & digital companies, banks and pioneers of growing startups from across the world and design together the endless paths that can enhance the business area in the digital era.

The sixth edition of the conference highlighted the evolution of the Romanian market, from medical services to banking, where we can see an increase in the number of startups followed by successful stories marking the fact that Romania offers various opportunities for investment. Besides the economic aspects, our country`s technology background is based on specialist with high expertise in IT, also having multilingual skills and opportunities for continuous development within universities and hubs.

Our aim is to continue supporting in the technology community and invest in development plans for our employees and help graduates make the first step in their career within SII Romania Academy. Our role is to consolidate our position as a trusted technology partner by delivering innovative solutions to our customers. By this, in order to achieve our high aspirations, we nurture passion for tech and support our employees in every initiative and milestone of their career.

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