Embracing the 2020`s opportunities with an awesome #FUNgineer party

  Alex C
  February 5, 2020
  3 min


The year 2019 marked our 10 years anniversary and a new chapter with incredible achievements, making our Christmas party the perfect opportunity to share our FUNgineer vibes. As together we created an outer space atmosphere, special thanks go to all our colleagues that brought their strong contribution to make everything possible. In addition, we thank you all for the essential feedbacks that you provided us with, and that will surely skyrocket the quality of our next events creating everlasting memories.


Thus, this year’s Christmas party was the event with the highest participation rate in SII Romania history and the recipe for success stands in our DNA. By constantly investing in our passion for technology and following our common vision we discovered not only highly skilled professionals, but also an incredible taste for fashion, amazing voices and unique dancing skills, making even Patrick Swayze send his greetings and rethink his outcome with “Dirty Dancing”. Furthermore, next time FUNgineers reunite, you will experience more interactive sessions and more fervent contests to put your skills in the spotlights.


Continue sharing your enthusiasm and let`s all embrace the great opportunities that 2020 brings!


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