Bring in your strong expertise and let’s design together the future of technology

  Alex C
  June 3, 2020
  5 min

Our incredible journey started 10 years ago with a small team of talented IT professionals brought together by high ambitions and a strong passion for technology. Today, as we grew into a solid team of more than 400 software engineers, we embraced the latest technologies on our mission to support leading companies to make the next step in the digital era.

By joining our team your will play an important role in literally designing outer space projects as the advanced satellite database management solution expanding frontiers in space exploration , being up to date with innovative solutions and complex industry standards in projects that range from 6 months to 6 years. Also, you can share your experience with highly skilled software engineers, with extensive expertise in over 140 technologies, programing languages, frameworks and methodologies.

Furthermore, you benefit from continuous learning opportunities such as workshops and trainings to develop your current and future skills, having all of us #fungineers by your side, offering you full support to convert your commitment into incredible achievements. Of course, after sharing your great ideas with the team you can enjoy your break in one of our relaxation areas, or you can you can navigate the office using fantastic means of transport like electrical scooters, bikes or skateboards.

It will be great to have you by our side as we celebrate each successful project together and, maybe, join our Thursday night football and marathon teams. Also, we always have a special place for kind hearted #fungineers that want to be part of our CSR campaings, supporting our local community, whether we are talking about education, philanthropy, animal shelters and environmental actions.

Follow the link 👉 and our awesome recruiters will help you make the first step in taking you career sky-high. Also, here you can find our more information regarding our previous projects 👉

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