10 communication skills you can upgrade as a software developer

  Ana N
  July 11, 2019
  5 min


There are a lot of recipes for success, as combining one teaspoon of ideas with two cups of determination and good things will follow. In a large spectrum, it’s about balancing our professional and personal development in order to meet our vision. Having a strong technical background and the desire to constantly improve is great, but we have to consider that communication can help you accelerate your learning process and also create a better connection within the team. Then, let’s see some aspects that can help you get a step closer to your goals.


#1 Active listening

Sometimes we have a challenge trying to simultaneously listen to a person while our mind is in search for ways to react. In order to give a correct answer, a good approach is to be attentive to the ideas presented by others and ask for a moment to write down or debate a particular information. By this, you will be sure that none information is lost, you can focus better and both sides can be satisfied with the results.


#2 Tone is important also when writing

Let’s say that is more easy to have a face-to-face conversation, seeing the other person’s reaction and quickly adapt our message and tone of voice. In written, you do not have access to such information, but you win some valuable time you can invest in choosing the way you present your idea. When you do a code review for example, try to focus on what can be done better or use emojis to soften the message.


#3 Be in the person’s position

Imagine how would you feel like if you were in the situation of the person you are talking with. See what kind of behavior will help the team be more connected and happy. We are all aiming for the same goals, so let’s enjoy the ride.


#4 Sense of equity

Everyone of us feels good when get to be recognized by the persons around us and win a solid position within the team. It’s important to be there for each other and at the end of the day what really matter is the success of the team. This ensures a pleasant working environment and a gives you even more energy to invest in your career.


#5 Choose talking over writing

Regardless of the subject it’s better to talk with your colleague than to concentrate the majority of the conversation in written. It’s ok to write some ideas and deliver them in person, because you want to be associated with who you are, not with someone behind an avatar that sends some e-mail from time to time.


#6 Out of you comfort zone

Let’s take the example with the presentation in front of your colleagues. Think about that all of the people present are there because they know that you will help them with precious information. Focus on using your great skills to help others reach their potential.


#7 Clarity is the key

If you want to develop a project in a smoothly manner, than clarity is your secret ingredient. Be as precise as possible and offer all the necessary information. When you start coding, for sure all the team will appreciate if you name the variables with intuitive names, instead of having them start a brainstorming to get all the answers.


#8 Constructive feedback

Maybe at a point you will witness a debate regarding the stage of a project. This doesn’t mean that the team is facing an issue. Many innovative solutions can come from such events, having people expressing their vision openly. Of course, we must take in consideration tip #3.


#9 The fun part – Practice

This is where the real adventure begins. Take each opportunity to develop your personal skills. If you are attending a course of a meet-up, engage with someone you don’t know and you will see that you will build up your confidence.


#10 Every moment has something to offer

You know your way with coding, but with an extended network you will be able to interact with people that have different visions and ways to develop. From each person you will have valuable information to learn. There are always areas which we can improve and we must take each moment as a unique experience.

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