10 solutions that help us adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic

  Alex C
  June 3, 2020
  5 min

The novel coronavirus outbreak marked a change in our daily routines and social behavior putting us in the position to find new ways to bring back what we perceived as being “normal” for us. As safety represents a priority, during this period we saw local and international initiatives that helped us stay connected and take all the proper measures to secure our health, while having the opportunity to maintain some of the habits that we enjoyed in the pre-pandemic period.

Let’s see below a list of initiatives that helped our society and the business environment during this complex period:

  • cemafac.ro platform: The Romanian Government, through the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania, in collaboration with the Department for Emergency Situations and the non-governmental organization Code for Romania, has launched a new online platform in the ecosystem to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has the role to highlight the latest information regarding the coronavirus outbreak and to share the best methods to prevent infection.
  • Pașaportul educational: UNICEF and Microsoft launched a global education platform to help manage the education crisis caused by COVID-19. This solution helps children to continue their studies form the safety of their home desks.
  • ”Vecinul tău” platform: Incotroceni Association and the Energy Cooperative have launched the online platform ” Vecinul tău ” to connect vulnerable persons that cannot go shopping during this period with volunteers close to their home.
  • XVision: a Romanian medical application made by students from Timisoara which helps doctors analyze lung x-rays using artificial intelligence.
  • SAS COVID-19 Data Analytics Resource Hub: developed by the company SAS, the platform helps users monitor the most recent global statistics regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and have real-time access to analytics solutions.
  • ro platform: represents another platform developed by the Romanian Government in collaboration with the non-governmental organization Code for Romania. It has the role to support all Romanian citizens outside Romania and associations groups abroad in emergency situations such as the one caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • entreprenation.ro: The first platform that supports hospitals and medical centers in Romania. The project initiated by the company 2Performant and Entrepreneurship Academy brings together Romanian companies to support hospitals with basic materials and equipment.
  • COVID Monitor: a platform designed by a team of software developers from Cluj. It has the role to reduce the pressure on medical staff by pre-testing people that present coronavirus infection symptoms by using artificial intelligence.
  • Local start-up Ebriza: a cloud-based e-Commerce software solution that helps restaurants, coffee shops, barber shops and other small retailers manage their business and issue online receipts, preventing an activity blockage for those who only had offline payment methods available.
  • The Call List: a New-York based start-up that developed an interactive video plugin for e-Commerce, helping brands safely connect with customers and fallowers using video calls.

In such complex periods, it is important that we show solidarity and respect the instructions offered by the authorities and our company to keep ourselves and others safe. All these great initiatives along with others developed at national and international level highlight the importance of staying connected, as together we have the power to overcome any challenge.

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