We navigate the sea of technologies to inspire Java communities at JS Camp 2019

September 2, 2019

The 5th edition of JSCamp Romania (24th of September) is right around the corner, and we are keen to reunite with the front-end developers’ and engineers’ community to share and debate the latest trends in web and mobile development.

As a leading technology company, we just can’t miss this great industry event during which we converge to discuss the positive impact of technology in our daily activities with other leading Java community contributors and visionaries.

Moreover, as we are focused on taking up new challenges and learning every day in our common effort to exceed expectations and expand the frontiers of technology innovation, we look forward to being part of one of the most important JavaScript events in Romania.

JS Camp 2019 will bring us steps closer to the future of technology while offering the opportunity for all passionate developers to come together and advance in their projects and careers in an inclusive and collaborative space. Thus, all the valuable information will support our constant efforts and mission to deliver innovative software solutions as a trusted technology partner.

Get inspired by the sea of technologies and join us to enjoy a full day of insightful and technical talks. Partners, friends, and colleagues from the wonderful world of JavaScript will be there! Please find further information on the event here.

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