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SII Romania operates on the basis of a clear CSR strategy

April 17, 2020

At SII Romania, one of our main objectives is offering our clients outstanding software engineering services and solutions keeping in mind the sustainability principles, while still taking steps forward towards a progressive evolution. This is possible thanks to the fact that we consider CSR to be an essential component in our activity, helping us make our work more efficient.

We proved our involvement and devotion in being friends with the environment and we obtained the ISO 14001:2004 certification, that confirms our ability to control the impact of our actions, products, and services on the environment. Moreover, we also implemented and maintained ISO 9001:2008 high-quality management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational health and safety.

We are aware that social responsibility and corporate citizenship means respect, integrity, and legal compliance, but also sustainable development within the society and the environment. Because we understand and take on the responsibility for minimizing any negative impact on the environment, we support programs that promote the social well-being and growth of communities, such as:

  • Support local communities through volunteering and donations, in close collaborations with NGOs (Salvați Copiii România, Motivation Foundation, Ateliere fără Frontiere, Amelia Matei, Plantăm Fapte Bune).
  • Successfully recycle over 240 kg of waste per year.

This is why we constantly update our Corporate Code of Conduct; its set of rules are always applied in our work processes, by all employees and also by our partners or suppliers. And because we respect our commitment, our Corporate Code of Conduct is in compliance with the international standards established by the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct (RBA Code of Conduct) which offers support in the following areas of Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Environment;
  • Ethics;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Work;
  • Management Systems.

At SII Romania, we believe that the evolution and the efficient development of our company can take place only by giving something in return for the factors that get us closer to success. This is why Corporate Social Responsibility remains one of the main components of our everyday activities.

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