SII Romania interview for Energynomics: how to grow your business through technology

June 27, 2016

Established in 2009, our company is specialized in delivering high quality software engineering services and solutions, both for local and international clients, from various industries. Since then, the turnover has been constantly growing, based on a consistent portfolio and on an important number of clients.

Manel Ballesteros, SII Romania General Manager, discussed about the technological solutions that can support energy companies to compete and grow in the present technology landscape.

Which are the main strengths we have in the competitive environment we work in?

Our everyday mission is to offer our clients assistance and support in the challenges they overcome in their activity, delivering optimised services and solutions based on advanced knowledge of their industry. At our side we have a team of professionals of over 270 open minded engineers with a strategic thinking that can guarantee high quality delivery and also remarkable business results. How do we successfully accomplish this? Thanks to our expertise, daily effort, enthusiasm of our people, dedication to quality, a culture of innovation and permanent improvement alongside our clients.

How do we see the importance of IT market in the energy industry?

We are now facing important changes in the industry as a consequence of technological evolution and innovation. Today, while trying to grow efficiency and optimise processes inside a company, it is mandatory to integrate computerization and automatization. We strongly believe that in every emerging market, technological innovation is crucial in order to overtop your opponents. By understanding the market challenges, we anticipate our clients’ needs, we offer and successfully implement the right technological solutions while bringing a strategic added value.

On what kind of needs do energy companies focus and what is our expertise in this area?

The needs we often hear from our clients in the energy industry usually come in questions such as: “How can I offer better quality services?”, ‘’How can I improve business performance?’’, ’’How can I maintain or increase the market share?’’, ’’How can I make business transformation more flexible, agile and efficient?’’. Our expertise in the energy industry is based on the implementation of a large range of ICT services and solutions, including technological counseling. This way we offer our clients the possibility to optimise their business, deliver quality services, grow their market share, but also automate and improve internal organization, work flow and company processes.

Our business services and solutions are aligned with the fast technological evolution and innovation, with the support of our in-house Research & Innovation Laboratory, dedicated to developing and testing the latest business technologies, applied on various industries. The obtained innovative solutions can prove to be an important strategic advantage and can make a big difference for our clients.

How do we see the future of the energy industry and how have we prepared for it?

We live in the digital transformation era and this prompts us to expand our horizons from technology and networks management to establishing SMART ecosystems. This is why we now implement ICT services and solutions for companies that attempt to turn into a ‘’Smart Energy’’ ecosystem.

The future of the energy industry is closely connected to the constant technological evolution. Therefore, the ability and the agility to adapt to this dynamic environment is a key element for success, but also for survival. In this sense, based on our experience and innovation efforts, we implement ‘’Smart Energy’’ ecosystems in which all processes and resources are optimised for maximum efficiency and all services are integrated in the daily life of companies, ensuring a strong and efficient information protection.

‘’Smart Energy’’ solutions require reliable information and technologies for all network and market participants, high-performance control and validation technology and energy management software. This trend will effectively compensate for the depletion of conventional energy sources.

The implementation of a corporate ‘’Smart Energy’’ ecosystem can be adapted in compliance with the clients’ business needs, becoming a strategic element for the company. The benefits include profitability growth, cost reduction, increased efficiency and productivity, but also an important boost in revenues, all based on short and medium-term plan for payback/ROI.

Source: Interview for Energynomics

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