The Future Of Embedded Systems is here: insights from the 5th edition of Automotive Expo Event

March 30, 2018

At SII Romania we are aware of the essential role the embedded systems have in the automotive industry and in the digital transformation age. This is why we are permanently connected to the industry trends and directions of evolution, so this year we took part in the fifth edition of the Automotive Expo & B2B Meeting in Sibiu that gathered over 180 companies and experts interested in the future of the automotive sector.

In the last years, the focus was on building cars at the highest performance level, but the future will redefine the role of the car in the drivers and passenger’s life. Thus, the car is not only a means of transportation but a tool that must reach the standards of a user-friendly system for the ones that use it. We talk about products such as car dashboard tools, head-up displays, central displays, TFT screens, but also the opportunity to interchange and customize styles and architectures.

Find out more about how we develop embedded software for the cars of the future launched by the most important manufacturers in the world.

During the event, we discussed the main challenges of the future of embedded systems. One of the most important challenges is related to the products’ development chain that becomes shorter for a bigger number of features, while exigent functional and security requirements still need to be met.

Thus, we found no better moment to obtain insights on the automotive industry than at the fifth edition of Automotive Expo & B2B Meeting in Sibiu. Among the predictions and analyzed solutions for the digital evolution of the auto industry, we can mention:

  • Integrated AI solutions for cars – even though steps in this direction have already been taken, the evolution is not as remarkable as to facilitate the driver’s role, without distracting their attention;
  • The possibility to set up a car through voice commands and activate it using a password;
  • Serious investments in IoT and Cloud technology;
  • The advantages that augmented reality can provide for the auto industry;
  • Blockchain technology used as an authentication method for drivers.

If you are passionate about the emergent technologies and want to contribute to the development of future cars, visit our Careers page and let’s get to know each other better!

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