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Cultivating digital innovation in a global agriculture company

June 3, 2020

By using our strong industry expertise in agriculture, we now manage the implementation of an end-to-end software solution to support digitalization of the pre-sales and sales processes of a top global agriculture company. We develop custom functionalities for both web and mobile channels that cover internal and external communication with commercial teams, sales representatives or partner networks.

Our customer has experienced long-term benefits by integrating technology in its business model, being able to connect and manage the complexity of the supply chain, while being in permanent contact with customers and partners. Also, the decision-making process is now more efficient and accurate, having access to essential data with positive impact on business development.

Given the continuous digitalization process of the agriculture industry, new trends that shape Farming 4.0, as well as the COVID-19 outbreak, digital transformation becomes a priority for all major players.

We will continue our mission to convert creative thinking into innovative software solutions that will help companies worldwide make the next step in the digital era. Thus, stay tuned with the latest information linked to our great journey 👉

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