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Business Need

Our client, a leading business software applications provider, wanted to develop a solution that:

  • Reduces the time lawyers and support staff spend on processing documents, so they can focus more on providing legal services to clients
  • Integrates workflows—such as document management, billing and client communications, full reports about projects and revenues—so the company could work more efficiently.


In order to meet client’s requirements, we developed a state-of-the-art legal software aiming to provide simple time tracking, smart billing, and powerful reports designed specifically for lawyers. The solution is built on Laravel 5 with Angular 2 using a modular approach for an improved security system, multivalent capabilities, and optimized results.

Key Benefits

We successfully delivered a cost-effective, highly configurable application, offering advanced user roles and permissions, comprehensive reports and performance analysis;

We helped provide a full document management solution for lawyers, full-time tracking features, management and tracking of court hearings, and a single database for complete business management;

We successfully provided instant access to vital information and performance indicators in a single page, offering powerful and intuitive dashboards;

We seamlessly provided a solution to cut paper needs, increase contracts’ accuracy, and reduce management time;

We offered a solution that helps reduce case document processing time, while enabling lawyers and support staff to spend more time servicing clients;

We enabled reducing end-of-month billing cycle down to a few days.


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