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Creating the next level of keyless entry for car manufacturers

June 3, 2020

Starting March 2020, SII Romania manages the development process of an embedded software used to control various functions of the car like keyless access, engine start and others, directly from our smartphones.

Over the last year smartphones represented a huge technological outbreak offering us the possibility to communicate, take photos, read newspapers and always access our favorite music. Now, we will add a new great feature to our smartphones that will offer us a more efficient and flexible interaction with our cars.

If we look at the cars produced nowadays, we already see a progress with the usage of key fobs instead of regular keys. These help us to unlock the car and start the engine, in some cases without being necessary to remove the fobs from our pocket. Still, our strong expertise in automotive software engineering will enable us to offer car users an innovative experience, all with one device that will allow us to know exactly what’s happening with our car regardless of the location.

This represents another opportunity to highlight the passion and commitment of our more than 200 highly skilled software engineers that are part of our Embedded Software Competence Center, having the mission to deliver high-quality software engineering services and solutions to global leaders of the Automotive and Aerospace industries, from body control modules, small and high performance integrated ECUs, protection and safety mechanisms, active steering, head-up displays, instrumentation, display modules to engine sensors and actuators.

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