As a leading technology company who constantly empowers professionals to envision and reach their full potential, we encourage and support our people in every initiative and step of their career, valuing talent, energy, and commitment.

What sets us apart is our ability to take up new challenges and learn every day, in our common effort to exceed our customers’ expectations and expand the frontiers of technology innovation.

At SII Romania you will find over 300 highly skilled software engineers. With an extensive level of experience and expertise, proven performances and a customer-centric DNA, they are 100% committed to delivering outstanding software services and solutions tailored to your needs.

Average age
27 years
Time spent in the company
4 years

Employees expertise

Other Experts 16.3%
Testers (Automation, Manual) 4%
Embedded C Developer 8%
.Net Developer 9%
Mobile Developers (Ionic, Android, IOS) 10.5%
PHP Developers 11%
Embedded Software Engineers 12%
Java Specialists (Developers and architects) 13%
1st & 2nd Level Operations engineer 15.5%
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