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Job Type

Full time


Who we are:

Open-minded intellectuals who embrace emerging technologies on our mission to create innovative Software Engineering Solutions that will impact millions of users around the world.

We are looking for:

A highly motivated, tech-savvy, and talented DevOps Engineer to help overcoming all the limitations of the traditional waterfall model and bridge the gap between the developers and the IT staff.

If you are familiar with the Software Development Life-cycle and you have the outright understanding of managing infrastructure projects and processes, we are glad to welcome you to our highly experienced and growing team of professionals with the main goal of innovating the world of technology services.

Now it is the time to start making an impact and contribute to the future of technology! Let’s start the conversation!

What you will do:

Understanding the Software Development Lifecycle;
Understanding various automation tools for developing digital pipelines (CI/ CD pipelines);
Implementing DevOps and achieving automation & orchestration of tools, help to migrate team to best practices CD/CI with full automation where applicable;
Performing the management steps of the software delivery process, ensuring that all requirements (including approvals) are met at each stage of the process;
Working for each new DevOps project with stakeholders and clients to identify and clarify technical requirements from the Infrastructure/development/ testing point of view from the beginning until it is transferred to Operational (Ops);
Collaborate with developers, testers and infrastructure engineers
Creating the scripts for automatic deployment of the infrastructure and developments in a cloud environment, according to the requirements of the project and the agreed deployment tool;
Providing presentations to the teams that will operate in OPS

What you must have:

Minimum 1 year in CI/CD pipeline automation;
Minimum 3 years in IT projects;
Tools/ software knowledge & competencies:
Jenkins – Automation server, with plugins built for developing CI/ CD pipelines
Ansible – Configuration Management and Deployment
Containerization technologies such as Docker and OpenShift/Kubernetes
Git and GitHub – Source code management (Version Control System)
Artifactory – Artifacts repository

What's in it for you:

Extended compensation and benefits package
Continuous learning opportunities to enhance both your professional and soft skills
A great working environment with people who put their heart, mind, and soul into everything they do and understand the importance of team spirit

We really welcome open-minded and committed people:

  • Eager to take on new challenges and learn new things
  • Who put their heart, mind, and soul into everything they do
  • Who enjoy sharing knowledge and understand the importance of team spirit


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