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One of the greatest asset of every business is people, and we understand and master this fact! 

At SII Romania we believe in the talent for technology of the new ICT generation.

We offer many different and amazing career opportunities according to your expectations. Our internship programs are adjusted to the trendiest and more required technologies on the market. We will drive you through our internship programs to provide you with knowledge, work experience and trainings, but also advice and coaching for you to define your own career path!

Through our internship programs you will be able to obtain at the end of the program a strong and sufficient base of valuable knowledge and work experience to be able to start working in the market.

At the end of every phase of the internship and according to your successful evolution and expectations you will have the possibility to be hired by SII Romania and be involved in national and international projects.

Our programs are the right choice for you if:

  • You are a student or enrolled in another higher education institution.
  • You want to start a career in the ICT industry.
  • You are sociable, open-minded, have a positive attitude and you want to learn to work with stakeholders in the technological field.

Internship objectives

  • Acquire the knowledge base relevant for your professional future.
  • Interact with experts and professionals from the same field you are building your career in.
  • The opportunity to put into action the projects and business situations you were previously faced with only as exercises during your study years.
  • Cover a whole project cycle for a complete understanding of the processes taking place inside an ICT company.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will benefit from professional trainings, career advancement and development opportunities.
  • You will have the opportunity to work alongside SII Romania experts and specialists on different existing projects.
  • You will be integrated in a dynamic, multicultural environment.
  • You will be selected alongside fellow interns that have shown fast learning abilities, rigor, perseverance and a strong interest in their own development.
  • You will have a flexible schedule, allowing you to take part in courses and exams, thus not neglecting your formal education.
  • Your internship will be paid.

  • SII Romania Internship Program Unfolding

    The program will be conducted by a specialized coordinator and coach, who will provide knowledge and practices as well as support and advice. The teacher will also carry out the periodical evaluations and suggest the best next step for the student: extension of another 3 months, possibility to be included in real internal projects or even the possibility to be hired by SII Romania. 

    Selection Process

    If you are interested in one of our Internship programs, send us your CV and a cover letter to, using the subject Internship. 

    What is the ideal candidate like?

    Terms of eligibility:
    • Is a student in the last year of studies or the year before last.
    • Has some knowledge in the field.
    • Is ambitious, serious, perseverant, and sociable.
    • Has communication skills, is adaptable and is at ease with interpersonal relationships.
    • Has initiative and desire to get involved.
    • Knows English.
    • Has an analytical thinking.
    • Is perseverant with reaching the previously set objectives.


    JAVA Internship Program

    The Java Backend Developer formation internship which is taking place at the moment is built upon four axes:


    • OOP Concepts
    • Advance programming technique
    • MVC
    • Advance applicability into business solutions
    • Java framework


    • Web applications
    • Scripting with Java
    • Teamwork developer
    • Development methodologies
    • AOP concepts


    • Mastering Java Programming
    • Networking (Concepts and development / applicability / frameworks)
    • Team Builders (Advance teamwork and teambuilding solutions)
    • Practical enhanced skill presentation


    • Native team Leading
    • Excellent Leadership into developing Java Applications, APPI’s etc.
    • Unix Scripting server controls
    • Mobile Development (Angular JS, Apache Cordova)-on Android
    • Design Architecture into business expert solutions


    Period: 1 Year
    Location: Bucharest, AFI Park 4, 4A Timisoara Blvd.  10th floor

    If you are interested, send us your CV and a cover letter to or upload the files by completing the fields below.

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